Terms & Conditions

By using the services of VIP Travel Services you will agree with the following terms and conditions:

Article 1: Reservations 

  1. You can make a reservation online on our website or to send us a email with your reservation details. 
  2. Reservations are valid when VIP Travel Services confirm a booking by email.
  3. When you book at least 12 hours before the departure time we will guarantee you an available car (with the exception of the Mercedes Sprinter buses and the Touring Coach).
  4. When you make a reservation within 12 hours prior departure time we can't guarantee you an available car.

Article 2: Liability

  1. The tenant of the limousine is always responsible for himself and his company.
  2. In case of any damage in or to the vehicle caused by one of the passengers shall be recovered from the tenant.
  3. It is not allowed to smoke or use drugs in one of the vehicles.
  4. It is not allowed to consume your own food or drinks in one of the vehicles.
  5. When one of the passengers becomes ill and have throw up in the car, VIP Travel Services is allowed to charge a minimum amount of € 250 cleaning costs and income spoilage.

 Article 3: Payments 

  1. Payments can be done by credit card, wire transfer, Paypal, Ideal, credit card in the car, cash or by invoice (on account).
  2. There is a additional fee of 4% for payments with Paypal.
  3. For a payment bby wire transfer we need to receive a prepayment.
  4. When you make a payment bby wire transfer we need to receive the full amount (no shared bank costs).

 Article 4: Arrivals

  1. If there are any changes in your flight number or flight date we requests you to contact VIP Travel Services immediately.
  2. After arriving at the Airport we requests you to switch on your mobile phone. Our chauffeur will send you a text message with information where he will meet you.
  3. When you can't locate your driver and you can't reach him on his mobile phone we requests you to contact VIP Travel Services immediately.
  4. When your flight is delayed please contact us immediately so we can pick you up at the correct new arrival time without any extra costs (max. 6 hours without any extra costs). There is an additional fee of € 50,- when your flight is delayed more than 6 hours after the original arrival time.
Article 5: City Transfers
  1. Our rates are only valid for city transfers who starts or ends in Amsterdam or Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.
  2. When you make a booking online and the departure address is outside Amsterdam we will charge the extra kilometers from Amsterdam to the departure address.

 Article 6: Waiting time / No Show

  1. For pick up transfers from the Airport we include a waiting time of max. 90 minutes after the plane has landed. After 90 minutes waiting time there will be a minimum adittionnal fee of € 30,- and every 15 minutes waiting time thereafter € 15,-.
  2. For city transfers we include a free waiting time of 20 minutes after the departure time. For every 15 minutes thereafter there will be an additional fee of € 15,-.
  3. For pick up transfers from the Airport we will note a no show 20 minutes after all the baggage is handled.
  4. For city transfers we will note a no show after 40 minutes waiting after the scheduled departure time.

 Article 7: Disposal / Hourly service

  1. Minimum hire for a disposal/hourly service for example financial roadshows, sightseeing tours, private tours or standby services is 2 hours for a Mercedes E class, Mercedes V class, or Mercedes S class. For Mercedes Sprinter buses and the Touring Coach is the minimum hire 3 hours.
  2. There are 40 kilometers free of charge for every hour. For example: by a booking of 3 hours you will get 120 km free of charge. Thereafter we will charge € 1,00 for each extra kilometer.
  3. A disposal/hourly service starts and ends in our garage in Amsterdam.

 Article 8: Force majeure

  1. VIP Travel Services is not responsible for any delays, changes or cancellation of service due to force majeure, or to other circumstances that are unforeseeable or beyond our control. For example accidents suffered by third parties on the transfer route, traffic jams, police checkpoint’s, terrorism, extreme water conditions etc.
  2. VIP Travel Services is not responsible for any errors of his subcontractors.

 Article 9: Lost property

  1. VIP Travel Services is not responsible for lost items in the vehicles.

 Article 10: Cancellations

  1. If you cancel at least 2 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee.
  2. If you cancel between 1-2 days of the scheduled departure, there is a 50% cancellation fee.
  3. If you cancel within 1 day of the scheduled departure, there is a 100% cancellation fee.
  4. There will be an additional fee of 5% administration costs when we have to make a refund.
  5. We can't make a refund of (museum) tickets.
  6. Cancellations are valid when VIP Travel Services receive a cancellation by email.
Article 11: Discount codes
  1. Discount codes are only valid for the specific service which VIP Travel Services has approved.
  2. In case of fraud we will cancel the booking.
Article 12: Rates
  1. Our rates are incl. Meet & Greet Airport pick up service with nameplate, parking costs at the Airport, parking costs in the cities, free wifi on bboard and bbottled water.
  2. Our rates are excl. 9% VAT, toll, drivers lunch (only for bookings from 5 hours or more), drivers dinner (only for bookings from 8 hours or more), drivers overnnight.
Article 13: Vehicles
  1. VIP Travel Services guarantees that the vehicles are constantly monitored to prevent possible breakdowns.
  2. If due to breakdowns the vehicle can't drive further, VIP Travel Services will arrange an another vehicle or the tenant will be compensated for the remainder of the ride.
  3. VIP Travel Services will always try to provide Mercedes vehicles. When a Mercedes vehicle is not available VIP Travel Services will provide a vehicle equivalent to a Mercedes.

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